Future events

Network Society Events are organized worldwide. For details please also check the list of events on the Facebook Group. Most of the events are also streamed live, with the specific information available in the respective event pages. When possibile, the stream is recorded on the Network Society YouTube channel for later viewing.


23 Febbraio
Bucharest Meetup
How can decentralized networks create stronger incentives for systems with increasing level of accountability and transparency?
Following the d10e conference in Bucharest, this meetup will allow both participants and locals to gather in an informal athmosphere to discuss the topic.
More precise indications for the hotel area for the meeting will be provided asap.

Past events


October 15
Network Society World Congress
The main yearly event of the Network Society Project, allowing delegates to discuss in person its themes, plan actions for the following year, and to meet with stakeholders from government, industry and associations with similar interests.

June 27
The Seventh Pillar Of The Network Society: Security
Bergamo, Italy

June 14
New York City, USA

May 16
The Sixth Pillar Of The Network Society: Finance
Bergamo, Italy

April 26
New York City, USA

April 20
Athens, Greece

April 12
Shanghai, China

March 25
St Peter Port, Guernsey

March 20
The Fifth Pillar Of The Network Society: Learning
Bergamo, Italy

March 8
New Delhi, India

March 15
Bangalore, India

March 1
Network Society Public Hangout
In this first Network Society public Hangout introducing its fundamental thesis and discussing the meaning and opportunity of technology based socio-economic empowerment. Future hangouts will concentrate on the eight pillars of energy, manufacturing, food, health, learning, finance, security, and governance.

February 28
The Fourth Pillar Of The Network Society: Health, Bergamo, Italy

February 14
Network Society Buenos Aires Meetup, Quasar Ventures, Buenos Aires, Argentina

February 13-15
Kiwi Foo Camp, New Zealand

February 7
The Third Pillar Of The Network Society: FoodBergamo, Italy

February 1

January 24
The Second Pillar Of The Network Society: Manufacturing, Bergamo, Italy


December 19
The First Pillar of the Network Society: Energy, Bergamo, Italy

December 17
Network Society Meetup, Paris, France

November 26
#EAIE2014 Encuentro Argentino Innovar & Emprender, Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 24
Network Society presentation and meeting at Fablab Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy

November 18
Network Society Meetup, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November 14
Thiel Foundation Summit, Las Vegas, NV, USA

November 5
TEDx Transmedia, Geneva, Switzerland
Exhilarating Opportunities In The Network Society
The amazingly rapid shift towards a decentralized and distributed organization of most of the functions of society is reorganizing the way we understand our opportunities as individuals on a planetwide scene. The exhilarating, and dangerous choices that we are facing will shape not only our lives, but define the long term destiny of the Universe. Are you ready to deeply reevaluate your relationship to work, money, and citizenship? Can you firmly establish dignity and purpose in the whirlwind of the human-machine complex’s hyperevolution?

October 14
Network Society Meetup, London, UK
Organized by Network Society’s UK Ambassador Philip Sheldrake, this meeting will be an opportunity to discuss how the legislation in the UK is supporting or hindering the adoption of technologies and organizations reflecting the changes around the Network Society.

September 25
Network Society New York Meetup, New York, NY, USA
Living in the Network Society
Assume that the process of phase change in social organization to decentralized and distributed functions is complete, and the nation state has been mostly replaced, subsumed, or rendered irrelevant by the Network Society. As Google and Facebook get disrupted by the next generation of systems that practice sound data-ecology, what does the world look like, and how do people live, work and thrive in it?

September 30
Network Society at the Italian Parliament, Rome, Italy
Meeting with members of the Italian Parliament to discuss the policy shifts occurring as the technologies underlying the Network Society decentralize the pillars of the State.

October 1
SmartMoney, Rome, Italy
Makers In The Network Society
There is a fundamental shift towards a decentralized and distributed organization of most of the functions of the Nation State, as represented by Bitcoin for finance and the role of money, but also in energy, food, manufacturing, and elsewhere. What is the role of Makers in the coming Network Society? How can their increased high technology but practical knowledge smooth the transition and minimize conflict as society itself gets reshaped?

Network Society Milan Meetup
Talent Garden
Milan, Italy

Immune Reactions Against The Shift To The Network Society
Singularity University
NASA Research Park, Moffett Field, CA, USA

The Distributed Social Organization Replacing The Nation State
Kinnernet, H-Farm
Venice, Italy

Creativity, Passion, and Innovation in Banking and Finance
H-ack Bank, H-Farm
Venice, Italy

Network Society
Vilnius, Lithuania


Human-Machine Coevolution
Miami, USA


The Challenge of Positive Storytelling for a Future Network Society
Humanity+ @ San Francisco
San Francisco, USA

The Coming Societal Phase Change
TEDx Bologna
Bologna, Italy