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The Role of Government In An Era Of Declining State Influence

The Role of Government

The US Department of State recognizes the need to get involved with the constituents of the Network Society, to face and solve the challenges of global problems. This coming online event looks very interesting, to learn how the US Government sees its role in the rapidly changing scenarios.

The Role of Government

“Join the U.S. Department of State on October 23rd, at 11:00am EDT for a discussion on the role of government.

Traditionally, only governments possessed the powers of taxation, lawmaking and coercive force. But the rapid evolution towards disaggregated power and authority today means that governments can no longer meet the challenges of global governance alone.

Actors such as businesses, NGOs and networks of individuals, are increasingly getting involved in developing and implementing solutions to global problems.

Still, their capabilities are hindered because governments have not figured out how to embrace them within their own accountability framework.

Using vivid and compelling examples drawn from real-world events, Thomas Debass, Deputy Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Rob Fonberg, Former Deputy Minister for the Canadian Department of National Defence, and moderator Anthony Williams will discuss how in an era marked by the decline of state influence, governments can still contribute to the global good.”

Ambassador Program Spreading The Message Worldwide

Network Society Ambassadors.023

The Network Society Ambassadors are attuned to the technological and socioeconomic zeitgeist of their countries and spread a deep and actionable understanding of how decentralized technologies fundamentally influence the social organization.

The initial countries and territories of Italy, Nigeria, New Zealand, Polynesia, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States and others are going to be followed soon by people worldwide, who are passionate about understanding, applying and spreading the knowledge of decentralized and distributed systems enabling new opportunities for individuals, enterprises, and our societies at large.

Contact us if you want to become a Network Society Ambassador.

Network Society At The Italian Parliament

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Establishing a dialog with the existing structures of the Nation State, and especially those who are elected or appointed to design, approve and enact policy around issues of technologies and practices that impact the lives of millions of citizen. It is especially pleasing when the desire for a dialog starts there, as it happened a few weeks ago when a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Parliament, reached out to us asking if we were available to speak.

This coming September the 30 we will be in Rome to start what hopefully is going to be just the first of many other opportunities for a constructive debate. The shift towards the decentralized structures of the Network Society is unstoppable, and it is up to all of us to make sure that it arrives in a manner that is constructive and as smooth as possible.

The meeting is open to the public, with registration required within Sept 29, and strict dress code for participation.

The agenda of the meeting is the following:

18:00—18:10 Introduction Irene Tinagli
18:10—18:30 “Decentralization of the State’s pillars” David Orban
18:30—18:45 “Network Society Italia” Cosimo Orban
18:45—19:00 “Open data and inequality dynamics” Giacomo ‘Mimmo’ Cosenza
19:00—19:15 “Innovation, bioenergy, and biochemicals: reality e opportunity” Andrea Di Stefano
19:15—20:00 Q&A