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The most astounding scientific and technological discoveries of 2014

As we wave goodbye to 2014, let’s take this opportunity to marvel at some of the most astounding scientific and technological discoveries of 2014. As the infographics highlight, a large proportion of these stories fall into a few critical Network Society pillars: Energy, Manufacturing, and Health. Not only that, but these breakthroughs are increasingly coming from small research teams and individuals distributed worldwide as opposed to from within the confines of corporate giants.

Futurism Header Engineers Destroy Metastazing Cancer Cells Water Vapors Found On Ceres First Genetically Modified Monkeys Born In Lab Gene Therapy Improves The Vision Of Six Patients Pieces Of Cerebral Cortex Grown In Lab Largest Solar Thermal Plant Constructed Flashes Of Light That Modifies The DNA Of Neurons Can Stop Chronic Pain Kepler Discovers 715 New Exoplanets Gravitational Waves Are The First Ever Direct Links To The Big Bang Stem Cells Created From A Drop Of Blood Synthetic Yeast Chromosome Created From Scratch Asteroid With Its Own Set Of Rings Discovered Genome Editing Cured A Mouse Of A Liver Disorder New Form Of Matter Found Cloned Stem Cells From The Skin Of Two Adult Men Scientists Discover Kepler-186f Superheavy Element Ununseptium Discovered Graphene Provides Unlimited Heat Conduction High Powered Lasers Convert Light Into Matter Camera That Detects Planets Quantum Teleportation Achieved Suspended Animation Trials Are Now Possible Flashes OF Light Can Erase And Restore Memories In Mice Lasers Create Scaled Supernova Explosions In A Lab Mini Beating Hearts Created By Stimulating The Brain's Claustrum The Consciousness Can Be Switched On And Off The Genetic Mutation That Causes Autism Discovered Voyager I Reaches Interstellar Space Bone Marrow Cells Reverse Damage Caused By A Stroke Lasers Can Record Quantum Behavior Spin Symmetry Theory Confirmed Scientists Turn Negative Memories Into Positive Ones In Mice New Gene Identified That Can Slow The Body's Aging Process Skin Neurons Perform The Same Calculations As Our Brain Skin Cells Converted Into White Blood Cells Curiosity Reaches Mt Sharp NASA Wants To Put Astronauts Into Deep Sleep On Maned Mars Missions New Platform For Quantum Computing Developed At Yale X-37B Returns To Earth After A Two Year Flight Clinically Dead Hearts Successfully Transplanted Google X Announces The Nanoparticle Platform Tiny Particle Accelerators Created Philae Lands On A Comet Two New Particles Discovered At The LHC DNA Survives A Trip To Space And Back Artificial Evolving Chemical System Created By A 3D Printer Quantum Teleportation Reaches New Distance Wave Particle Duality Mistery Solved Futurism Footer Image Map

— Alex Klokus, who created this composite image, is US East Coast Ambassador of Network Society.

Futurism Header Illumina Inc Shows The First $1.000 Genome Google Announces Smart Contact Lenses UCSC Developed Robotic Nanobiopsy RoboEarth Is An Online Platform Where Robots Learn New SKills First Single Molecule LED Developed Robots With Insect Brains Nanomotors Controlled Inside Living Cells Quantum Computers Are A Step Closer Paper Microscope Capable Of 2K Magnification Biodegradable Implantable Battery Created Facebook Buys Oculus VR Entaglement Of 103 Dimensions Created With Only 2 Photons Technology That Converts Seawater Into Fuel Created 10 Houses 3D Printed In One Day Google Patents Contact Lenses With Micro Camera Microbots Rapidly Build Objects On A Micro Scale Circuit Board Modeled After The Human Brain Created IBM Invents 3D Nanoprinter Liquid Metal Used To Reconnect Torn Nerves Electrical Stimulation Helps Four Men To Move Their Legs Electrical Stimulation Induces Mind Control In Mice Raptor Robot Runs Faster That Any Human Brain Driver Allows You To Control A Car With Your Thoughts Quadriplegic Man Moved His Hand For The First Time 3D Printed Blood Vessels Created India Launches A Low Cost Rocket SpaceX Soft Lands The Falcon 9 First Stage Move Freely In Virtual Space With the Virtualizer Self Assembling Nanoparticles Created IBM Announces New Cognitive Chip Architecture Largest Robot Swarm Created Lockheed Unmanned Helicopter Completes Its Test Mission Anti Aging Partnership Finalized New Wireless Radio The Size Of An Ant Created Male Reversible Birth Control Created 3D Bioprinter Created Image Map Glass DARPA Deepmind Fuel Cell Goog Contact Guard 3d chip Haptic Shape printing amputee Futurism Footer Image Map