Announcing our first speakers at the Congress

We are excited to announce a first set of speakers at the Network Society World Congress, listed below in alphabetical order.

Alex Lightman: “Food, Water And Energy In The Network Society”
Gabor Kiss: “A Holistic Approach To Open Source Ecology”
Matan Field: “Stigmergic Economy And Large-Scale, Decentralized Networks”
Stefano Quintarelli: “Regulatory Challenges In Exponential Trends”

With less than a month to go the event is sold out. We are requesting candidates to provide a simple feedback on their participation, what they expect to receive from the event, how they contribute to it, and finally how they’ll be catalyzing their local and global communities through what they learn at the Congress. The applications that are not supported by these pieces of information get canceled. 

You can sign up for the event here for the event. You will receive a survey by mail. After you send it back to us, you will be admitted.