The Network Society Readiness Index for the USA the most pessimistic yet

Netsoc USA NSRI survey

At the April Network Society New York Meetup an interactive survey established the group’s consensus around the Network Society Readiness Index for the USA.

The assessment for the eight pillars of the meetup attendees were:

Energy:        -0.33
Manufacturing:  0.07 
Food:          -0.60
Health:        -0.87
Learning:      -0.57
Finance:       -1.13
Security:      -1.00
Policy:        -1.33

The resulting numbers in the index are more nuanced than those from the Buenos Aires, Athens, and Shanghai meetups, as a consequence of the averaging of the responses to the survey.

According to the conversations in the various groups that broke out after the introductory lecture to discuss the various pillars, and based on the results of the survey, the USA has a lot remaining to do to be able to fully take advantage of the unstoppable changes coming with the diffusion of the technologies furthering the Network Society.