Collaboration on the forthcoming Network Society book

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Appropriately in a collaborative fashion, we are now writing the Network Society book in a team with Anish, Alex Klokus, Alex Lightman, ArturoCosimo, Dave, Naol, Niki, and Sabri, and with project coordination by Mauro and Gabriella

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You can follow the process on, the book’s own website, where you can download it in PDF, mobi and epub formats. Right now only the outline is there, but you can sign up for updates as new chapters are added.

Cover, title, and subtitle are all preliminary, as is the outline itself. Based on Github, the GitBook platform which we are using allows clear and modern version control of all components of the book itself and its various editions.

The Italian version of the book is scheduled for the fall, published by Hoepli, a 150 year old Milan-based publisher, in its “Microscopi” series curated by Massimo Temporelli.