The Greek crisis seen in the framework of the Network Society

There no chance that flying into Athens these days within minutes from landing you would not be asked to say what you think about the Greek crisis, what the world thinks will happen, and what are possible solutions to what is much more than a financial crisis.

Screenshot 2015-04-26 09.25.47

At the Network Society Athens Meetup, organized by Niki Siropoulou, Greek Ambassador, and the additional events meeting with the press, and at the launch of Alternative iGrow, a local innovation consultancy, the questions on how to not only overcome the current difficulties but also how to build a sustainable future for the society overall were ever present.

The assessment for the eight pillars of the meetup attendees were:

Energy:        1.5
Manufacturing: 0
Food:         -1
Health:        0.5
Learning:     -2 
Finance:       LOL
Security:      0
Policy:        LOL

On top of the non-standard fractional values, those present felt the need to also introduce the new value “LOL” when evaluating the situation around finance and policymaking.