The nimbler learn faster

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Making sustainable and meaningful change happen in large organizations and countries is naturally hard. And while it is not necessarily true that smaller ones have it easy, there are some that try to understand what to do, and how to do it.

Today we met with Deputy Kevin Stewart, Minister of Commerce and Employment of Guernsey and other deputies, at a breakfast organized by Marc Winn, right before the start of TEDx St Peter Port. An island nation of 64000 people, Guernsey wants to understand the future, and how the technology based transformation of society is going to shape the well-being and opportunities of communities around the world.

Nimble and lean decision making, crafting policies that are fit for today, and reevaluated for tomorrow, to be updated as needed, is within the reach of those who are eager to play an active role in this complex, but exciting future. We are looking forward to proceeding with this project, applying the Network Society Readiness Index framework and methodology to Guernsey, and deriving the appropriate policy and strategy recommendations from it.