Is society fostering or hindering change?

Argentina discussion

Does your society hinder, or foster the adoption of decentralized and distributed technologies in the areas of energy, manufacturing, food, health, learning, finance, security and policy? An informal panel of participants at the Network Society meeting in Buenos Aires established the following scores for Argentina:

Energy         1
Manufacturing  0
Food          -2
Health        -2
Learning       2
Finance       -2
Security       0
Policy        -2

The scores mean:

-2  opposing
-1  hindering
 0  neutral
 1  fostering
 2  promoting

Of course, this is a non representative and non-scientific method, but a sample of smart, proactive people, who care to understand the state and the dynamics of their society. The discussion around each of these points was very illuminating and worth a post on their own.

The country scores are going to compose a global ranking of Network Society Readiness for nations to be published later this year.