Launching the Network Society Arts Council

Network Society Arts Council

The fundamental message of the Network Society Project of technology based inclusive socio-economic change is articulated through numerous online channels and in events and publications worldwide. Its impact on those who are analytically inclined and readily absorb complex subjects is profound. The necessity is clear to widen this effect through additional means.

Art has always been a premier channel to interpret reality and to provide a deep understanding of issues and currents in society. Expressions of performing arts, visual arts, music, digital media and more can each play a role in interpreting the meaning of the phase changes and transformations that the vision of Network Society unfolds.

We are now launching the Network Society Arts Council to achieve this goal and are looking forward to the creative and exciting ways that we will be able to engage a wide public!

Some of the artists that participate in the initiative:
Ines Flammarion, storyteller
Shane Hope, poet and generative artist
Linda Pollack, performance artist and political hacktivist
Alessia Sacco, dancer
Chris Ford, singer and songwriter…

Background art by Shane Hope